Few DIY Wall Art Projects

Friday, April 26th, 2019

DIY projects are always an inexpensive medium to create something useful while showcasing your creative side. So, what better way of showcasing it than your DIY wall art. This also adds suave to your home giving it a newfound appeal and something to show your friends, family, and guests. In this post, we will look at a few DIY wall art projects that you can take up to beautify your home space:

1. Flower Wall:
Who says you need to stick to the narrative and go for traditional canvasses and wall arts? How about beautifying your home this time with some full-on wall of flowers. You will need a few basic things to get started here including a hot glue gun, small nails, wire cutters, clear fishing line and about six fake flower bouquets with around 12 flowers on each. This can be altered as per your choice and preference. Begin by cutting the flowers from their wire stems. The wire cutters will come in handy here. Try cutting them as close as possible to the stems. Now make use of the glue gun to put a dab of it on the stem of a flower. Place the stem in the central petals of the flower. Repeat the process and use up to 8 flowers on each strand (customizable). Once you are done, hang them by tying them in a loop around the top flower with the help of a fishing line. Use a small nail to push it into a wall. You now have a beautiful flower wall for yourself.


2. Lips from Pallet Wood:
If you have some wooden pallets lying around your house, then this is the perfect opportunity to create great wall art. For instance, this particular painted red lips on your wall would ooze an incredible appeal to your home overall. Draw a caricature of how this would look like and trace the same on a paper. Now, you will need to cut the wooden pallets in shape to create the effect of a lip. The edges are where you will need to pay special attention as you need them to retain the shape of the lips. Once this is done as per the caricature, its time to move on to the coloring of the lips. You will need a can of red paint to complete the set. You can hang the finished wall art via the help of nails. A great idea for rooms of teenage girls. Looking to beautify your home with some fantastic décor? Now get mind-blowing deals on LampShopOnline and free delivery with all orders above $40.

3. Honeycomb wall art:
Honeycomb wall art is something that is bound to get anyone’s attention. The best part is that it’s also the easiest to undertake. All you need to do is gather some honeycomb shapes around to fit your wall. Decide on how many walls you wish to do here. Start with one and then visit your local hardware store for supplies. This will be a bunch of fabulous colors that you will use to add in each honeycomb on the wall. A piece of good advice here is to stick with a combo of pastel colors and not use bright and harsh colors.


4. Hanging Yarn Art:
Another simple basic wall art project that can be undertaken with excellent results. All you need for this is a stick from the yard or a twig and yarn strands. That’s about it. Nothing more, nothing less to it. The challenge, as well as the fun part here, is in choosing the stands and deciding on how long or short you want those strands to be. This is the irregularity that will really help it set it apart and is also something that will add to the charm of the wall art at the same time. Home is where the heart is? Design and decorate your home this season with Homebase, offering customers a wide variety of deals on different household and décor items.

5. Folded Paper Squares:
This is putting your origami skills to the test. Folded paper squares create an amazing 3D effect that can’t be ignored. It also looks impressive and adds another layer of charm to what otherwise may have been a blank canvass of a wall. You will need different colored origami papers and learning a little bit of Origami to master the art of subtle paper folding. Once you are done, all you need to do is stick them all together. Don’t hold them in a sequence or the same color but rather in different color boxes. If you wish to highlight it in a better way, try putting the folded paper squares in an area that has ample light. This will help create some interesting shadows as well.


So, there we have a small list of some basic DIY wall art projects that you can try. The possibilities are endless when it comes to wall art, and each idea here would take less than a day. Something that can be done during the weekends.

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