5 Tips to stay fit this year

Saturday, January 18th, 2020

If you are reading this, chances are you have already taken the step to becoming more active and staying fit this year. Most times, making up your mind is more or less the challenge that you need to overcome. You need not be a fitness buzz to stay healthy and fit. An essential fitness regime and routine is all you need to keep in shape. In a recent survey conducted by the WHO, it was found that people in the UK happen to be the most inactive of the lot with a surmounting 32% of men and 40% of women that have reported this. This, in turn, has added to the chronic long term diseases as cited by the Public Health Analysis, which definitely is not a very encouraging sign. In this post, we will tell you about some sure shot ways you too can stay in fit shape throughout the year.


 1. Get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily:

Who says you need the confines of a gym to stay fit and fab? There are many ways you can exercise within your immediate surroundings. There are a number of basic exercises that can be found over with a quick search on the internet that only requires basic stuff including a mat, chair or even the stairs you have back home. These are exercises that are as basic as it can get. Indulging in a daily exercise regime will detoxify your body and bring about a positive change in your body. Just 30 minutes of exercise can help manage your stress, weight, and even balance out your hormones. The right apparel is everything while exercising. The basics start with your shoes. So, before you indulge and commit yourself to exercise, head to Pavers and get up to 70% off on the clearance sale.


2. Consume the right foods and portion while having your meals:

This is something that is suggested by every nutritionist. Eating the right foods can make all the difference between you binge eating and having small cravings. Fruits and veggies remain one of the best food sources to incorporate into your diet. Your greens should include vegetables like carrot, broccoli, green beans etc which are a basic if you wish to keep your digestive system up and running. When it comes to choosing your choice of proteins, both plant and animal-based alternatives are best. These can include food like shrimp, tuna, turkey, chicken etc. As suggested by experts, it pays off to plan your meals six times a day and eating in small portions.


 3. Get enough sleep:

The majority of problems that arise in millennials come due to not getting enough sleep. Yes, we all have an eight hour sleep schedule at work but it doesn’t mean you forego of your sleep cycle. Regular sleep helps you recuperate from your workout and also helps regulate your metabolism. It will also help boost your metabolism. Practice on keeping a dedicated schedule for rest. You need not be an early riser as such but ensure that you try and get at least 8 hours of sleep. You can also take a small nap in the afternoon if you feel like it, but this should necessarily be not for more than half an hour. The last thing you need is staying up late at night and messing up your sleep schedule. Exercising shouldn’t be confined to just one thing. In fact, you can try out variations such as Yoga along with that. Now you can get discounted Yoga mats at Yoga Direct at a minimum price of €14.40.


 4. Don’t diet:

Yes, you heard it right. As a healthy person following a robust schedule, you definitely need not a diet. A basic to follow here is going by the 80-20 nutrition plan. The best way to provide nutrition to your body is by acknowledging its needs. What is that food that helps you kickstart your day? What is that one thing that messes up your system? What helps you feeling fit and fab? Just answering these basic questions and following a simple nutrition plan for yourself is more than enough to suffice all your dietary needs. Try and avoid processed foods as much as you can as these contain hidden sugars, artificial sweeteners, and fats that are harmful to your body in the long run.


 5. Don’t skip breakfast and hydrate:

A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day and something that you should never avoid. This is also your fuel for the entire morning and can set you up for the day even. Eating your breakfast helps you maintain your blood sugar level and not make you overindulge or binge the rest of the day. Also, drink as much water as you can. Our bodies comprise of fluids and need a minimum of 2-3 liters water every day.


So, there we have the five basic tips that you can follow to stay fit and healthy this year. Begin your journey to a fit and fab you today itself.

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