Delicious & Unique Uses Of Cheese!

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Cheese! Just say it and observe the reflex picture that your brain gives you. I am sure it is close to “delicious”! Cheese has always been a total favorite of everyone, across ages, cuisines and countries. From kids to grandparents, everyone loves to dig in the yummy healthy and filling cheesy meals. Why go far, I myself can almost call myself a mouse when it comes to hogging on all the dishes that contain cheese and we all have grown up watching the famous Tom & Jerry where jerry used to go crazy on cheese!

Cheese is a dairy product prepared from curdled or skimmed milk, cream or a combination of these. It is worth noting that some cheeses have high content of fat, however, they are highly nutritious and retain much of its protein and many of the minerals of milk, so you well understand it being one of the main components of staple diets of many regions in the world. There are many varieties of cheese, especially with people traveling far and wide and more often in current times, cheese varieties available in different parts of the world are available almost everywhere.

The range of cheese varies from mild to fresh soft cheeses such as cream or cottage cheese, to mature blue cheeses with a pungent flavor like Stilton, or aged dry and hard cheeses like Parmesan. These varied varieties are made all over the world from sheep, cow, goat or reindeer milk. Depending on its source and processing, cheese can form a main ingredient in cookery, it is served with biscuits and fruits at the end of a meal, also used as garnish and melted into sauces, soufflés or other hot dishes. Accounting for all the methods and use of cheese is close to impossible but let’s try some unique ways in which cheese can add flavor to our otherwise regular or special dishes:

Types of Cheese

Macaroni – This very common pasta like tubes, originally popular in Italy, China and America. It can be cooked or baked using multiple ingredients like veggies and chicken and to make the preparation yummier, just add a coating of warmed parmesan cheese, it adds a creamy consistency to the macaroni dish and entirely captures the essence of comfort food.

Baked Veggies – Some very unique baked recipes essentially involve cheese layering to add to the sumptuous taste like cheese coated cauliflower, baked potato, eggplant and so on. Popularly Cheddar cheese is used for these dishes.

Pasta – White sauce pasta is one of the most loved forms of pasta, with cheese as a major ingredient of its sauce.

Dips – Make some really delicious Cheesy Chip Dips using different permutations and combinations of spices, herbs and chopped ingredients with base cheese.

Sandwiches – All around the world sandwiches are the favorite form of breakfast or comfort food. Also, there are countless, literally countless forms of sandwiches and so are the multiple forms of cheese that are an essential part of these sandwiches.

Salads or Spread on Flatbread – Mayonnaise and other form of liquid cheese are widely used salad dressing and also form the base for many other salad dressing or sauces or spreads for flatbreads.

Cheese Pizza

Soups – Make pureed soups like broccoli or mushroom soup and make them taste delicious by adding a bit of cream cheese. This will enhance the flavor and serves as a big motivation for the kids.

Snacks – Whether its popcorn, stuffed puffs, corn or meat balls, everything gets a little more rocking taste with cheese. Without this magical ingredient, I’m sure all these snacky stuff is less appealing to your palette.

Cheese Cake & Desserts – Cheese is not only a favorite in the salty snacky world, it rules the sweet subtle desserts as well. A whole world out there swears by the mouth watering dessert- the cheesecake. Cream cheese is also used as Puff pastry filling, brownie blend while baking them.

In addition to all these amazing uses of cheese, you can see that almost all cuisines in the world have been using cheese in some or the other form. Italian cuisine uses mozzarella and parmesan (in Garlic breads, pizza, enchiladas, Lasagna). While in Mexican cuisine is extensively dominated by cheese based dishes such as Quesadillas and tortillas. The love for cheese knows no boundary and it is impossible to imagine your favorite comforting food without cheese.

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